When the body is dependent on highly addictive drugs like

And all these great runners share one thing. It’s love. Not the love for running, but love for the next human being and the love for our planet. I haven’t been in a decent relationship since. The fear is more crippling now than it ever was before. If a man is yelling, that’s too much.

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Once the body is used to having medication in it to treat an ailment, it becomes dependent on the drug to remedy symptoms and rectify the illness. When dosages are skipped or missed, it throws off the overall harmony of the major organ groups in the body, including brain function. When the body is dependent on highly addictive drugs like muscle relaxers, anti depressants, anxiety medication and painkillers, it can cause withdrawal to begin..

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9. Matzo Fruit Crisp/CrumbleThis is my go to Passover dessert because I can pop it in the oven when the Seder starts, and it comes out right about the time we finish dinner. By the time we’re done with the Seder, the crisp has had time to cool and everyone has had a little time to digest..

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